What is Sustiva (Efavirenz)?

Overwhelmed by different ARTs (antiretroviral drugs) accessible, Sustiva has become one of the believed ART prescriptions ever available today. It has HIV treatment capacities, giving added help and help to a huge number of people living with this infection.

Sustiva is the brand name of Efavirenz and is likewise accessible under the names Efavir and Efcure.

How does Sustiva work?

Acclimated as a non-nucleoside turn around transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs), this HIV suppressant invests wholeheartedly in its ability to obstruct the viral action inside the body. It exhausts the replication cycle of HIV, hence, denying HIV from making additional duplicates of a similar contamination. It likewise works on the activities of our invulnerability, to get sufficient influence in engaging HIV, just as other potential diseases.


Sustiva’s solution continually following these variables:

Existing wellbeing issues (aside from HIV)

Existing medications that the patient is taking at the current day



Grown-up Dosage

600 mg

Burn-through the medication day by day

Youngsters Dosage

The portion relies upon the youngsters’ weight

100 mg for youngsters inside 3.5 kgs to 5 kgs

How to take it?

Burning-through this medication is generally done before supper time. It is done orally and with water. In taking the said drug, one should cling to the directions definite on the remedy. The medical care proficient will give these directions to ensure that the patient will do exactly what is generally anticipated. Be that as it may, if the patient neglects to devour one tablet for the afternoon, he/she should not burn-through the missed portion for the following day to stay away from double dosages.

Moreover, consistently remember that after the precise solution merits doing. It doesn’t just keep the clinical guide doing great yet additionally allows people an opportunity to live more.

Sustiva Side Effects

Some antagonistic responses for Sustiva are typical. Be that as it may, if these impacts are continually irritating you, better to call your medical care expert without a moment’s delay.

Gentle Side Effects:

Looseness of the bowels


Gentle cerebral pain

Inconvenience dozing


Inconvenience focus


Extreme Side Effects:

Uncommon dreams

Unexplainable Anger

Gentle Rashes

Trouble moving

Breathing issue

Deadness or shivering sensations

Unpredictable heartbeat

Extreme discombobulation or swooning




Secure that you are keeping the medication the manner in which it ought to be kept. The medication can be exceptionally delicate whenever set close to daylight, also as different articles that can hurt it. Ensure that the kids can’t get a handle on it as it can hurt them thus.



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